Since 1981, Linda has helped hundreds of Buyers and Sellers achieve their dreams with her personal service….no assistants, not team….just one knowledgeable, caring real estate professional. If Linda helped them, she can help you, too.

Rather than bore you with lengthy testimonials, here are a few example that show how Linda’s help made a difference:

  • Dennis had his home listed with a big company and it didn’t sell.  He called Linda and she got it sold.  We had a problem that delayed closings for several days.  The buyer’s agent and the closers didn’t realize how the closing process worked in California so there had been no plan in place for delays.  But Linda knew it and explained it to everyone so that they stayed calm.  She also had someone in California who put her directly in touch with the escrow company in California to get the details
  • Mattie was another seller who couldn’t get her how to sell.  She’s worked as a secretary at an office
    Linda worked in for a while and when she got a mailing from Linda, she remembered how Linda worked so hard to promote her listings.  Linda got the house sold.
  • Linda’s very first listing in 1981 took some real patience and hard work, as the market was dead at that time.  It had been listed 6 months with another company and 9 months with Linda to sell.  But when it sold, Linda found them a fantastic deal on a foreclosure list.
  • The sellers who live out of town and had their home vacant were very frustrated with their home sale.  They had listed with a really nice guy from another company who kept the home off the market for two weeks in an attempt to sell it himself.  Then they told him to reduce the price.  They told a mutual friend who had them call Linda.  They were shocked the find out the date of their listing went in the MLS and that the price reduction never went in.  They cancelled their listing and then listed it with Linda and it sold quite quickly.
  • Suzie and her husband had a really nice home to sell.  They had done a lot of work on it and it showed great, except for one big problem.  The garage had been converted to a family room and the home only had a carport.  Linda listed it and sold it quickly for the highest price in the subdivision despite the problem.
  • Dave and Nancy listed their home with Linda and also started looking at homes with her.  They quickly found their dream home and wanted to write a contingent contract.  Linda advised them that they needed to make a large earnest money deposit if they wanted to get the seller’s attention.  The sellers had said they would NEVER accept a contingent contract, but the Earnest amount got their attention and they accepted.  Linda sold their home and they got their dream home.
  • A retired agent selected Linda over agents that she had worked with in the past because she knew Linda’s parents (and Linda) for years and knew that Linda had the same integrity and work ethic they had.  The home was sold quickly and she moved to a retirement home near her daughter.
  • Linda’s first “on-line” buyer was a single mother living in Upstate New York.  Linda set her up on her Home Finder System and the buyer found the perfect home.  Her parents went to an open house to see it and said the home was perfect for her.  The sale was closed a month before she move from New York and she had never got into it before she moved.
  • Katie and Juan were in Linda’s Home Finder program for a long time before they were ready to buy.  Once they were ready, they knew the market so well that they only had to look at a few homes before they found the right one.
  • Some people Linda knew slightly from church looked at one house with several different agents (including Linda).  Once they got serious, the called Linda because they could tell from that one showing that she knew what she was doing more than the other agents.   They only looked at one home and bought it.
  • A recently divorced woman working with Linda and was glad she took Linda’s advice to have a building inspection on the home she bought.  The home had a new roof, but the inspector found that the roofer had put shingles over several holes in the roof.  The seller was shocked and had the repairs taken care of….by a different roofer.

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