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CAPER History Book

In 2010 I started hunting for all the CAPER history I could remember or find on-line. Everything I had written up on a website was out of date and I was busy with other volunteer work with PRG so I let the website go.

At NATCON 2017 one of the Pershing Angels who was manning the checkin for their meetings suggested that I write a history book about CAPERS and sell it.  I knew that publish a book would be way too expensive for me and for the purchasers.  So I decided that self-publishing a book in pdf would allow for very little expenss for me (just for payments through PayPal) and the price for it would be very reasonable.

I realized there was another advantage of publishing it this way.  I will be keeping track of the purchasers and when I find new information, I can update the book and send it out to all who purchased it previously (as long as they let me know if they have any email address changes.

I am excited to have the CAPER History Book ready to sell.  The price is $15 and a portion of of what I receive every month will be donated to the Pershing Foundation in addition to my regular giving.  To purchase the book, complete and submit the form below and go to PayPal and send the money to my account  When I get the form and word that the payment has been received in my account, I will send the book by e-mail.

But I do know that some, like me, are on a very limited budget. And I'm sure many Pershing Angels Collegians are in that category.  I've will do a special pricing from people with financial problems.  Just fill out this form and explain why you need the special pricing and I will send you the price I can give you.  I will still be giving to the Pershing Foundation on the special pricing purchases.

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Find Linda Grissette on Social Media

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